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Shafiul Moznavin Construction Ltd.(S.M. Construction) was founded in 2010 with a focus on Pile, Foundation and Civil Engineering Works for a wide variety of building and construction projects. Since then, we have continued to explore new ideas and improve programs to meet the changing demands of our clients and society, ensuring that we are constantly in step with current trends. Our efforts have resulted in a flood of awards and recognition for our company.

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Shafiul Moznavin Construction Ltd.(S.M. Construction) is one of Bangladesh’s top service providers of Pile foundation services, pile extractions, and Temporary Earth Retaining Systems. Since its inception, the firm has received a number of accolades that validate its goal.

Pile Foundation

Whether you are a contractor, architect, or engineer, S.M. Construction Ltd. will be happy to assist you in solving your most complex foundation issues.

Pile Extractions

We have various piling equipment to help you retrieve tubes/temporary casings, sheet piles, and timber piles, whether you've installed lines/temporary containers, sheet piles, or woodpiles.

Civil Engineering

We provide the level of expertise needed to satisfy the most demanding project needs of our Clients, using the newest technology and a strong team of Professional Engineers and Support Staff.

Temporary Earth Retaining System

We supply temporary earth retention systems that are required to hold overburden soils next to deep excavations to allow new buildings or provide access for tunneling or subterranean applications during excavation and construction.

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Shafiul Moznavin Construction Ltd.(S.M. Construction) has a team of experts capable of optimizing results and completing projects of any size and complexity. Our staff is recognized professionals in project management, engineering, pile foundation, pile extraction, and earth retaining systems.

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our location

House:20, Road:28, Block: K, Banani, Dhaka


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    Shafiul Moznavin Construction Ltd.(S.M. Construction) is a well-known piling company in Bangladesh. For many years, it has provided the building sector with cost-effective piling and foundation solutions. Its primary business is providing foundation solutions such as driven pile, injection pile, bored pile, and sheet pile.